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This is a FREE Bed and Breakfast Guide resulting from more than 30 years of continuing travel experience by the authors

World's Best Bed and Breakfasts

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in Australia, New Zealand, Europe with United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Asia.

Here you will find the best Bed and Breakfasts that are very different: high quality, and affordable accommodation, with Hosts who are passionate about YOU and your stay. These Bed and Breakfasts are simply different from the rest.

The World's Best Bed and Breakfasts for travellers to

      Tasmania    Noosa

New Zealand

      United Kingdom
          England    Scotland    Wales
          Tuscany    Chianti    Rome    Florence    Alta Badia

      Singapore       China       Hong Kong

To help your travels, here also is a growing list of practical travel knowledge and information from planning (Checklists and Travel Tips), travelling and transport through to your first choice destination accommodation to help you have the very best travel experience.

There is also an interactive accommodation club of like-minded travellers where you can

Recommend your best Bed and Breakfast stays from your travels, and
Provide feedback on the Bed and Breakfasts booked from Worlds Best.
World's Best travellers also suggest new Checklist Planning items and Travel Tips.

If you find this information helpful, let us know and also tell us what is missing that would be helpful to you.

We really hope you enjoy this FREE Bed and Breakfast guide, your travels and your stay at the World's Best Bed and Breakfasts.

Wishing you G R E A T travels.

Jill and Warren

Worlds Best Bed and Breakfast Travel Guide

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Table of Contents

Great first choice holidays at Worlds Best B&Bs
At Worlds Best B&Bs we identify the best and first choice holidays, destinations with a difference for the traveller looking for pleasant holidays with great accommodation
Italy Bed and Breakfast – stay at the World’s Best
Italy bed and breakfast at a Worlds Best B&B is the safest and most relaxing way to see and experience this most exciting country of contrasts – pamper yourself and stay at a World’s Best B&B
Worlds Best Australia bed and breakfast guide for travellers
In Australia Bed and Breakfast accommodation is the best accommodation. Choose from those in World’s Best B&Bs for hosts who are passionate about YOU and your stay
Bed and breakfasts New Zealand - these are the World's BEST
For accommodation these are the worlds best bed and breakfasts New Zealand has to offer with hosts who are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful
Traveller referred boutique accommodations of the worlds best
Those travelling the world have referred these boutique accommodations of the world's best affordable accommodation
robots International Travel Tips: Reliable-Open-Bargain-Opportune-Tested-Success
Described as robots International Travel Tips where travel tips are Reliable - Open to your contribution – Bargain as they are FREE – Opportune and just in time – Tested - Successful
Great Auckland New Zealand Travel Tips to plan your great adventure
Use these FREE Auckland New Zealand Travel Tips to increase your enjoyment of this unique place on earth
A vacation packing checklist for YOUR travelling – NEVER forget a thing
Guided by your vacation packing checklist, there is no reason to forget a single thing. Here are FREE checklists for EVERY PART of your travel planning.
A unique approach - a travel checklist so you can enjoy every planning minute
Why wait to the final weeks to look forward to your amazing travel experience - plan your trip with this superb travel checklist and ENJOY every minute as the jigsaw comes together
A unique vacation checklist things to bring - a fun approach to your travel
Enjoy the planning and avoid forgetting anything important with this superb vacation checklist things to bring
A free travel packing checklist for 6 months before you leave
Don't forget anything, use this FREE travel packing checklist - created by experienced travellers, it has got the lot
Never before .. a travel packing checklist - ideal with only 2 months to go
This travel packing checklist is exactly what you need to help you organise your last 2 months before you leave
A FREE packing list vacation checklist for 3 months before you leave
Why just toss your packing together when you can use this FREE packing list vacation checklist for the 3 months before you leave
A free vacation checklist for the LAST MONTH before you leave
Don't forget anything, use this FREE vacation checklist - created by experienced travellers, it has got the lot.
A Packing Checklist for The Day You Leave - just what I need
On edge? Uptight? Relax .. here is THE packing checklist that will ensure nothing is over-looked as you leave for your vacation holiday
A checklist for travel when you have just 1 Week before you leave
A Checklist for travel when you have 1 week before you leave on vacation and holiday - don't miss a thing with this Planner
The World's Best Bed and Breakfast, a very different quality of accommodation?
A World's Best Bed and Breakfast is very different to the others as it has AQA. Affordable high Quality Accommodation from hosts passionate about their guests. Check out a World's Best B &B
A World's Best B&B is much better value than a Hotel - compare hotel prices NOW
Compare Hotel prices if travelling - the cost of a World's Best B&B is usually far less than a Hotel, or other comparable accommodation types. Be amazed by this cost comparison
Need accommodation? Compare the difference between World's Best B&B and a Hotel
The main difference between a World's Best B&B and a hotel is the presence, passion and local knowledge of the owner. Best holiday for best food, places and things to do. A B&B, spot the difference
In About Us find out why Jill and Warren created World's Best B & B Travel Guide
Jill and Warren love to travel. Travel is their passion, and when they can, they do. Read About Us to find out why they created Worlds Best BnB Travel Guide
A quick checklist for travelling for the time-poor planner
The quick planning checklist for travelling, for those travellers in a hurry. Your vacation is now "just around the corner", and a thousand things to do. What to do first? Here's the answer.
Accommodation holiday Noosa - World's Best Noosa B guide for travellers
Accommodation Holiday Noosa in Australia - three words describing a wonderful vacation destination - dark blue skies, sun-drenched beaches, shops, cafes, pubs, adventure and some world's best B&Bs
Privacy and Disclaimer for Worlds Best B&B
At Worlds Best B&B your privacy is assured - hosts who are passionate about you and your stay
Worlds Best BnB links to helpful sites for the Traveller
Worlds Best BnB connects you to the best travel accommodation that is referred to us and traveller resources and links to help you travel
The Waitomo cave area in New Zealand hides the amazing Spellbound Caves secret
A must see is the Waitomo cave area in NZ to explore the spectacular Spellbound caves and the glow worm city guided by geological experts in caving – see the best by the best and be spellbound
Important things to bring on vacation - never forget anything
When it comes to identifying the things to bring on vacation, then this is THE place to come for the most extensive list for all occasions
Site map to the Worlds Best B&Bs
Site map to the best Bed Breakfast Guide for the worlds best affordable accommodation
Contact us at Worlds Best B&B
Contact us at Worlds Best B&B
Albergo Roma centro - the world's best accommodation in central Rome
Albergo Roma centro - make sure you stay at this World's best accommodation right in the centre of Rome and have easy access to EVERYTHING from cafes, restaurants, architecture, art and much much more
Rome Italy is the most exciting place - visit ancient Rome ruins
In Rome Italy enjoy ancient Rome from the great location of a bed and breakfast in Roma centro where you are idealy located to save on transport and truly enjoy the sights of Rome
Chianti wine tour and stay at a WorldsBestBnB
A Chianti wine tour with a difference that such great wine could be enjoyed in such splendid scenery amongst the most delightful Italians