Things To Bring On Vacation

The things to bring on vacation depend on what type of Vacation is planned.

Is it a time to

Relax, or

There are times when it could be both, but often it is one or the other.

When you are planning a vacation to RELAX then you may need different things to a Travelling vacation.

If you are primarily on vacation to Travel, then check out this vacation packing checklist.

This extensive vacation packing checklist is also very useful as you plan to vacation to RELAX.

The things to bring on a Vacation where the aim to Relax could include

Relaxing with ...

A favourite book
A video or two
Your favourite music

Recreational aids

Fishing gear
Golf gear
Swimming gear


Cooking utensils
Recipe books

This Checklist is for planning the Things To Bring On Vacation if you are needing to Relax.
If you are expecting to also TRAVEL on your Vacation have a look at the extensive checklists
available from the Checklist Index Page and select from any of these excellent companion organising pages:

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